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What is REACH?

Reach is the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council concerning the safe use of chemicals through their Registration, Evaluation, and in some cases, the Authorization and Restriction of trade and uses of certain substances. It was implemented on 1st June 2007.

What does REACH apply to?

Basically all chemical substances are subject to this regulation. However, a number of chemicals such as plant protection products, biocidal products, drug, cosmetics, food and feed additives industry products are regulated by other community legislations and are exempted or almost excluded from Reach rules. The same applies to substances obtained from natural sources which do not have hazardous properties and which are not chemically modified .

Reach regulation distinguishes between some roles in the delivery chain of substances on it’s own, as an ingredient of mixture or contained in products tied with enterprise activities. Duties to be carried out are dependent on the role of enterprise in the delivery chain. An enterprise can play different roles for different substances.

What is REACH?

The Reach Regulation changes the situation of chemicals control in EU. It contains a number of changes aimed to improving management and chemicals trade control in the EU.

The division between new and existing substances is fading, giving way to a common system for both. The burden of responsibility for the risk assessment and testing of the substance has been shifted from authorities to industry. Producers and importers are obliged to register substances.

Downstream users are included in the chemicals control system, so that information about the risks posed by substances will be present in the whole supply chain.

Primary goals of the system established by Reach Regulation:

  • Protection of human health and environment.
  • Ensuring a high level of safety in the workplace.
  • Maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of the European chemical industry.
  • Minimizing testing on vertebrate animals.

Reach regulation in PPH Stanlab Sp. z o.o. activity:

  • Due to the fact that PPH Stanlab is not a manufacturer but only a trader depending on the chemicals purchase source it can act as a distributor, downstream user or importer.
  • Regardless of the role we play in the supply chain, we obey all obligations imposed on us by the Reach Regulation, making sure that the raw materials supplied by us comply with the law regulations and are at very good quality.