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Laminated chipboard

Laminated chipboards are the basic material used in the furniture industry for the production of furniture. They are less frequently used as a decorative material for interior finishing. The production of laminated boards consists in covering chipboards with decorative papers or foils, while at the same time giving them an appropriate surface structure during the pressing process. Due to the fact that laminated particle boards are made on the basis of particle boards while maintaining basic physical and mechanical parameters, their processing is just as easy as raw particle boards.

Laminated chipboards are produced in a wide range of colors and structures, which allows for the implementation of even the most demanding projects.

In our company, we offer laminated chipboards with the following parameters:

  • formats: 2800x2070mm, 2750x1830mm, 2440x1830mm
  • thickness: 10, 16, 18mm (thicknesses 8, 12, 15, 22, 25, 28, 32, 38 mm on request)
  • structure: SM (smooth)
  • PE (orange peel)
  • SWO and SWN (wood-like)
  • decors - several hundred different decors (the most popular are: Sonoma Oak, Wotan Oak, Wenge, Chocolate Walnut, Kanzas Oak, White, Black, Gray)
  • slab density: depending on the thickness, from 625 to 740 kg / m3
  • formaldehyde emission class: E05, E1
  • approvals: FSC,